Waska Graskinski: Wer den Jäger liebt … 25.05.24, 18 Uhr

Scandal is guaranteed tonight as we welcome Waska Graskinski, Baroness von Syzczyinski, Polish anthropologist and sex psychologist of world renown. Critics also call her a “smoking scandal noodle”, a “rocket diva” or worse – a saint. And she herself? Yes, she calls herself Fun Fatal with a twinkle in her eye.

As is so often the case, the truth is of course somewhere in between. And it is this mixture that makes her highly explosive, so that even heads of all persuasions fall longingly to their knees before this expressionista. And to their limits. Because Waska’s topic is a taboo: our mating behavior and the development of our relationship skills over the last 10,000 years.

As one of the last divas, she uses her razor-sharp powers of observation, her deep voice and her Polish accent to look at the development of our species, our sexual behavior and what else women and men, women and women, men and men and men and women do in the eternal togetherness of life. In doing so, Waska keeps an eye on both our history and our future and enlightens us about ourselves as human beings, about ourselves as a species, where we come from, who we are and where we can and want to develop.

If you want to leave your comfort zone behind for good, then come to The Knast on Saturday evening, May 25, 2024.

Saturday 25.5. from 6 pm admission, show starts at 8 pm, price € 59,–. Ticket includes a starter in our restaurant before the show and a welcome drink in the bar.


Burlesque & cocktails on 13. of June 2024

ChiquiLo Burlesque


A world of pleasure will captivate you with the special combination of burlesque performances and delicious cocktails.

L’aDios and – for the first time with us – Chiqui Love. Colombian fire and sharp-witted strippers. The two dancers bring the stage to life with their stories and performances. True femme fatales.

On this evening you will enjoy excellent cocktails. Sit back, let your senses be pampered, meet great new people and “meet the artist”.
To be part of this bar experience of a different kind, you pay 19 euros, prosecco reception included 😉
We are happy if you contribute to the overall atmosphere of the evening with your outfit.
The show will be mainly in (d)english.

When? Thursday 13.06.2024, admission 6 pm. Show 8 pm. Ticket payment possible on site.

Tickets via Eventbrite € 19,00 incl. Prosecco reception

Historical and architectural tour of the former women’s prison.Wednesday 12. of June 2024. 2 pm

The tour starts at the front in front of the large fence, we look at the beautiful front façade and talk about the historical aspects of the building’s design at the time, then continue into the inner courtyard and the garden and outdoor area. Here, too, you will find details from the construction period as well as exciting facts about the conversion and monument protection. In the interior, you can view the findings and the new (period) color scheme. The vision for the conversion of the building is also highlighted here. Finally, the tour ends in the so-called atrium, which, with its use by an artists’ collective, does credit to the cultural location.

Guided tours only take place by appointment and payment of a cultural contribution of € 5 per adult (over 18s). See link here “Eventbrite”


Duration of the tour approx. 60 min incl. guided tour of the prideArt exhibition rooms. “Interesting and bizarre facts about the former women’s prison, stories of the inmates, exciting facts about the conversion, registration via the link on Eventbrite.

There are more dates to choose from on Eventbrite.